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Monday To Friday 9PM to 17.00



About this project

BCFL is the first cyber futsal league of the world!

May 15, 2020 is the date that can be called the opening of the year in Cybersport space! For the first time in the history of computer sports games the BALTIC FUTSAL MARKETING company organized a Cyberfutsal League on the FIFA PS-4 VOLTA platform.

It took less than two weeks from IDEA TO its IMPLEMENTATION!

OUR BRAINSTORM was to create BCFL strategy, to design a company style, to define goals, targets and principles of media support, to recruit personnel and to work out the ways of effective cooperation!

Before start of BCFL new season BALTIC FUTSAL MARKETING organized and ran THREE PROMO TOURNAMENTS to improve communication between players and set up the tournament system in general.

Since its birth BCFL has been in focus of BALTIC FUTSAL MARKETING daily attention:

WE are the authors of all announcements, news, results, reviews, tops of all events of BCFL!

WE have done the main thing – we’ve returned the active players to their common world of bright competitions, goals, victories, scores and trophies.

We have written the Regulations, we have made the Youtube broadcasts possible, tour reviews have become available in Instagram and Facebook.

WE have created a video guide for similar tournaments of any level in any country of the world!

BALTIC CYBER FUTSAL LEAGUE is OUR efficient project with visible sport and commercial opportunities!


Date:  15.05.2020
Skills:  Digital marketing
Client:  Baltic Futsal League