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FC Cosmos kids

FC Cosmos kids

About this project

The first futsal school of FC Cosmos was founded on September 8, 2014 in Estonia.

The initiator of the project was the president of FC Cosmos, Boris Shipunov, who was the first to see the practical benefits of a flashing game for educating not only futsal but also football players.

At the current stage, there are two main goals: to teach the first futsal players in Estonia, starting from childhood, and to provide additional promotion of futsal football in Estonia. Today the school has two age groups. The group of 2006/2007 has 12 athletes training under the guidance of an experienced coach Alexander Zavyalov. The latest achievements of the team are reaching the final of the Estonian Futsal Cup, which was postponed to a later date due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The team also has prizewinning places at tournaments in Estonia and Latvia.

The group of 2008/2009 has over 20 young athletes. The coaches of this age group is Stepan Chernousov. The team’s achievements include prizes in futsal tournaments in Lithuania and Estonia. Moreover, the team plays in the Estonian championship and various football tournaments during the summer.


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