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FC Cosmos

FC Cosmos

About this project

During past 6 years FC Cosmos has managed to become one of the leaders of futsal development in Estonia.

During its first year, FC Cosmos won the bronze of the national championship, and its second attempt to attend conquered the top of the championship. Alongside the victory in the championship, the team won the Cup and the Super Cup, thus collecting all possible trophies within the country.

For five years of participation in the Estonian championship, FC Cosmos has never failed to make the top three.

FC Cosmos players are successful not only in the domestic championship, but also on the international stage when they represent their country, especially in the Champions League qualification. By the way, “Cosmos” is a full-fledged futsal environment with a competent vertical structure, as it has the first futsal school for children as part of “Cosmos”.


The club is currently a frequent participant in international competitions, including the UEFA Futsal Champions League in 2016 and 2018.

The club is consulted by qualified foreign specialists.

Services: website development, complex promotion from October 2019 to the present.


Date:  26.09.2020
Skills:  Digital marketing
Client:  FC Cosmos